Cute or just plain wrong?










I saw this a few days ago and I immediately had mixed feelings about it. I mean, the boy looks adorable and so stylish but it just isn’t right for so many reasons.

So i pondered about it for ages and I came up with a real reason why it’s wrong.

So, why is it just plain wrong?  Yes, he’s five and he’s wearing designer clothing but that doesn’t justify it. Celebrities dress their children up in designer clothing and well, we just accept it.

The answer lies in the understanding of narcissism. This boy knows absolutely nothing about life and neither do I but I know that. Whether he knows he’s “superior” to other children his age is in his mind or maybe he believes it’s normal to be so damn stylish. But it’s irrelevant as he’s a victim of shallow parenting.

( Maybe that’s just too harsh )

It’s the way he’s being parented that is the obvious problem. Raising children in expensive clothing and letting them take “selfies” of themselves, is this the start of a generation with a selfish outlook on life? Is he going to become an adult with no understanding that half-way across the world, there are people who don’t even own a single piece of anything!

There’s nothing wrong with designer clothing but my belief is that, if you earn it then you deserve it. The fact is, deep down this is more than just a cute boy being dressed well. It could be an extreme representation of what today’s children could become. Maybe or maybe not. I’m not qualified nor do I think of myself as correct. I just believe this issue needs to be addressed.

Anyway, my rant shall end because well, it’ll just get annoying.

Yours Sincerely,

finder seeker.


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