The Hidden Ocean Killer.

I apologise for being the laziest person to ever exist by not posting up a new blog post, but well, i’ve been busy. But something caught my eye today and I just couldn’t let it go. I felt the need to reveal something that not many people are aware of, something i was unaware of till today and its about whales. and of course, you might be thinking about whaling but that’s not it.

Unfortunately, these gentle and beautiful creatures that actually share our ‘sort’ of emotion have been exploited. Believe me, they’ve found Whales to mourn the death of loved ones, we may not be as different. As humans, our supposed ‘superiority’ is enough to may us entitled to destroy everything we touch. Let’s face it, that’s what is happening, but something is going on in our oceans and it’s proof of our poisonous touch. 

Sorry for rambling continuously but here we go. Sonar. That’s the answer. Did you guess it? Well, SONAR stands for SOund Navigation And Ranging and what actually happens in essence is that sound waves is spread underwater (Correct me if i’m wrong). These sounds reach up to 200db! A jet take-off is 150 dB (decibels aka the unit of measure for sound). These sounds created by SONAR are sometimes equivalent to rocket take-offs! We’re talking continuous, ear-blowing sounds being played all. the.time!

These so-called necessary sounds that are created by us, humans are driving whales mad!  Imagine having the sound of more than a jet-take off in your ears continuously when you try to sleep, work, study or look-after your kids.

These majestic creatures are dependent on their sound capabilities and when military-used SONAR begins, it creates havoc for whales. We are talking about sounds that are as loud as rocket-blasts being played like bad music to Whales because of the Military’s bad taste.

Now comes the part that pieces the puzzle together. Limp. Cold. Carcass. Dead Weight. Beached Whales.

Beached Whales. SONAR. Beached Whales. I continue to play it back and forth in my mind and I see that it makes sense, it makes logical sense.

Research has been done and Whales actually swim away from krill (their food) to get away from SONAR. We’re talking about whales starving themselves because they cannot bear to listen to SONAR. They’ve also found that they dive deeper than usual when around SONAR.  I complain when there’s too much noise and i’m about to go to sleep but i can’t imagine this! We know about whales being hunted for food for countries such as Japan and Iceland, but this is new and it needs to spread like wildfire.

So please and I know there’s quite a lot of writing but please, I ask you to glance below. The evidence is lying on the table, yet our nations are continuing to deliberately ignore it for their own purposes. Both the American and British Navy know about this and have sponsored research about it before!

The beaching of these whales has been linked to SONAR Use. Of course, this does not show the full spectrum of evidence but hopefully it enlightens you nonetheless.

  • January 2005 At least 34 whales of three species strand along the Outer Banks of North Carolina as Navy sonar training goes on offshore.
  • July 2004 Four beaked whales strand during naval exercises near the Canary Islands.
  • July 2004 Approximately 200 melon-headed whales crowd into the shallow waters (Does that sound like a last resort to get away from SONAR, you make the judgement) of Hanalei Bay in Hawaii as a large Navy sonar exercise takes place nearby. Rescuers succeed in directing all but one of the whales back out to sea.
  • June 2004 As many as six beaked whales strand during a Navy sonar training exercise off Alaska.
  • May 2003 As many as 11 harbor porpoises beach along the shores of the Haro Strait, Washington State, as the USS Shoup tests its mid-frequency sonar system.
  • September 2002 At least 14 beaked whales from three different species strand in the Canary Islands during an anti-submarine warfare exercise in the area. Four additional beaked whales strand over the next several days
  • October 1997 At least nine Cuvier’s beaked whales strand in the Ionian Sea, with military activity reported in the area.
  • May 1996 Twelve Cuvier’s beaked whales strand on the west coast of Greece as NATO ships sweep the area with low- and mid-frequency active sonar.
  • October 1989 At least 20 whales of three species strand during naval exercises near the Canary Islands


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What if superpowers were real? A series of TED-Ed lessons explores the science of flight, super speed, invisibility and more

Thought this looked interesting, however i think it might ruin the dream! 🙂

TED Blog

By Logan Smalley

Everyone fantasizes about what it would be like to lift a building, run faster than a speeding bullet, or temporarily turn on their invisibility. However, not everyone takes the time to consider the scientific ramifications of utilzing such spectacular gifts.

For instance, did you know that being invisible would render you blind? The transparent retina in your eye would be unable to reflect light, therefore providing no information for your brain to interpret as “sight.” More gruesomely, if you could fly above the clouds at any respectable speed, your face would experience extreme heat due to friction. Sure, you could slow down, but then you might get a little chilly at such high altitudes (assuming you could breathe.) You could fly below the clouds, but you’d need to be quite nimble to avoid the millions of bugs that would inevitably obstruct your path! The list goes on….

In the new…

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Eye-Catching Onomatopoeia for the curious-minded!

Scrolling down the page on the Scientific American website led me to an article about visual onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia reminded me of English class so I decided to have a look…..

Eventually, i saw these pictures and I thought they were pretty cool. They were created by designer Ji Lee from his book: Word as Image.  So feast your eyes on these images! 🙂

Moon by Ji Lee

Gravity by Ji Lee

Parallel by Ji Lee

Horizon by Ji Lee


If you want to see more, check out Ji Lee’s video: Word as image Ebook (with 90 animated words) on Youtube.

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Inverted Edge x The Style Voyager Giveaway Part I

Love this outfit especially the Floral Pleated Skirt! 🙂

The Style Voyager

IE PartI01





Photographs by dear mom : )

Cap Sleeve Wool Vest by Post DecemberFloral Pleated Skirt by Nineteen EightyLong Line Sheer Rib Shirt by Michael Lo Sordo (All available at Inverted Edge! ) Zara heels and clutch.

The Style Voyager is all about affordable fashion. But once in a while we all need to spice up our wardrobe with truly unique pieces. Online designer boutique Inverted Edge approached me sometime ago for a collaboration, and has kindly offered my readers a series of giveaways! Wohoo!!!

Positioned itself as an e-commerce which promotes independent fashion designers whose aesthetics transcend the globe, Inverted Edge carries a selection of emerging designer brands from Asia-Pacific regions, including Michael Lo Sordo (Australia), Stolen Girlfriends Club (New Zealand), Nineteen Eighty (Korea) and local Hong Kong brands like Daydream Nation and Twisted Sisters. Each designer has their profile page where visitors…

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Peru in Pictures: The Colors

This is absolutely beautiful! 🙂

{love+cupcakes} Blog




I finally got through the 1,400+ photos from our recent trip to Peru. There were so many that I loved, so I’ll be sharing a few (or 40) each day this week if you’re interested. Throughout our trip, we were constantly mesmerized by the beautiful colors we encountered in this country – from the textiles, to the people, to the city and countryside, everywhere you look there’s vibrant color .

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the long walk.

Russia seems like a place full of culture and history! I totally want to own authentic Russian Babushka dolls and learn the Cyrillic alphabet. Is anyone else fascinated or is it just me?

Life in Russia.

This past weekend, I went for a long walk.  My goal was to walk by the Mariinsky Theatre, but I did not make it there because I went a bit further than I had anticipated and I needed to find my way back to a recognizable street.  These are some of the photos I took along the way.  The more industrial looking photos are from the end of town I found myself lost in.  It was at that point that I decided I should try to find my way back uptown.  As you can see, it was not the most attractive neighborhood!  I think I will take the metro to Mariinsky next time.

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Wendy Davis, a kick-ass woman!

I’m a bit late on the bandwagon about this, but i’m here. Here’s what you need to know if you don’t already know:

Democratic Senator Wendy Davis was seeking to filibuster (speaking to stop legislative assembly continue) a law that would restrict the access of abortion for women after 20 weeks. Basically, part of this filibuster meant that she had to SPEAK for 13 hours without leaning, sitting, going to the bathroom, eating or talk about something unrelated. She even wore pink sport shoes! 🙂 Obviously, my day was a hell of a lot easier!

Wendy Davis!

The fact is whether you condone abortion or not, it doesn’t matter. This is a woman’s choice, her right to make a decision whether it is moral or not. Abortion is not something most people will take for granted.

Take a look at the case of Savita Halappanavar in Ireland, it made worldwide headlines. She was suffering from a miscarriage which led to her dying of blood poisoning. Her child was not going to survive, but she wasn’t allowed to abort the already dying child because the law would not allow it.

This isn’t a case of morality. The real question is why conservative, let’s face it, middle-aged Republican men are making decisions for women and their health. When is it okay for men to be making these decisions for issues relating to pregnancy.

Wendy Davis has allowed women to not be silenced, something uncommon in history so thank you.

uncomplicating the world,